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205 1.3 Rallye
29.000 €

Introducing an iconic 1988 Peugeot 205 1.3 Rallye, fully restored to its original condition. This compact and agile hatchback is a true legend, created for FIA Gr.N 1.300cc homologation, it offered exhilarating performance and a pure driving experience. Ideal for small sports car enthusiasts and collectors who appreciate the sporting heritage of Peugeot-Talbot-Sport, clearly evident in this homologation special.

Main features:

Engine and Performance: Equipped with a 1.3-litre TU24 four-cylinder engine with 103 horsepower, developed in collaboration with the French tuner «Danielson», the 205 Rallye was capable of reaching 190km/h and provided strong emotions above 4,500rpm. The engine of this 205 Rallye was completely rebuilt during the restoration process, guaranteeing performance and reliability for many years.

Sporty Design: The Peugeot 205 Rallye is known for its simple, sporty and compact look. This unit has been completely restored maintaining all the original details, including the white wheels, the specific stickers of the Rallye version, as well as the minimalist but very exclusive interior.

Authentic Interior: The interior has been meticulously restored to reflect the original 1988 design, with sports seats, a functional instrument panel and details that hark back to the golden age of rallying.

Complete Restoration: This vehicle has been completely restored, including engine, suspension, braking system and paintwork. All work was carried out with attention to detail, preserving authenticity as much as possible.

Condition and Maintenance:

Impeccable Condition: This Peugeot 205 1.3 Rallye is in excellent condition, both aesthetically and mechanically, thanks to a complete restoration process, carried out by specialised professionals, ensuring that the vehicle is in perfect working condition.

Full Documentation: Restoration documentation is available, detailing all procedures carried out to bring this classic back to its original glory.

A Youngtimer with Historical Interest:

Collector's Value: Youngtimers like the Peugeot 205 1.3 Rallye are becoming increasingly rare and valued on the collectibles market.

Historical Interest: This model, a «homologation special» occupies an important place in the memory of many who remember the era of «hot hatches» produced with rallying in mind, offering enthusiasts the opportunity to own a piece of Peugeot's sporting heritage -Talbot-Sport.

General Information

Year :


Mileage  :

158.000 km

Brand :


Model :


Version :

1.3 Rallye

Engine type :


Engine displacement  :

1.294 cm3

Engine power  :

103 PS/CV

Gearbox  :

Manual - 5 Speed

Fuel  :


Drivetrain  :


Exterior color  :


Color name or code  :

Blanc Meije

Interior color  :


Trim name or code  :


Interior upholstery :


Number of seats  :



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