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147.500 €

The Arnolt-MG Convertible is a unique collaboration between American entrepreneur Stanley Harold "Wacky" Arnolt and British car manufacturer MG. Arnolt, known for his keen eye for design and business acumen, saw an opportunity to create a bespoke sports car by combining the chassis and drivetrain of the renowned MG TD with a custom Bertone coachwork. The result was a striking and distinctive convertible that captured the essence of European style and American flair.

Featuring elegant lines and graceful curves, the Arnolt-MG Convertible exuded sophistication and charm. Its low-slung body sat on Borrani wire-spoke wheels, giving it a timeless appeal that turned heads wherever it went. The interior boasted luxurious appointments, including very comfortable leather seats, that combined with the beautiful instrument panel created an inviting cockpit for driver and passengers alike.

Under the hood, the Arnolt-MG Convertible was powered by MG's reliable inline-four engine, delivering spirited performance and agile handling. With its nimble chassis and responsive steering, it offered an exhilarating driving experience that made every journey a pleasure.

Only 36 units of the Arnolt-MG Convertible were built, making it highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike. Its unique blend of British engineering, American flair and Italian craftsmanship makes it a true automotive icon, symbolising an era of innovation and collaboration in the world of sports cars.

This 1953 Arnolt-MG Convertible, with number 262, was shipped on the SS Kollbrynn with Arnolt-MG convertibles 256, 259, 265, 268 and 271, and coupes 258, 260, 261, 263 and 264, arriving in Chicago via the Great Lakes on October 13, 1953. The initial purchaser was Auto Imports Ltd., Indiana, delivered on 21 July 1954, invoice 1644. Its history is well documented with lots of photographs and invoices, being the oldest invoice for a $2000 service service in 1976.

In 2002 it went through a full restoration carried out by Automotive Restorations Inc in Stratford, Connecticut, with a final price tag of $146.000. This restoration is fully documented, with photos, estimates and invoices.

Currently presented in black (originally Larch Green) with a beige soft top (originally black) featuring a small glass rear window, brown Connolly leather interiors (originally Grey) with a Motolita wood-rim steering wheel. NB-Reproduction S.H. Arnolt plate on firewall shows current replacement engine number 18112 (originally supplied in TD 18087), as well as current interior and exterior colors, rather than original specifications.

Registered at ACP (Portuguese Auto Club) as a vehicle of historical significance.

General Information

Year :


Mileage  :

47.703 mls

Brand :


Model :


Version :

Engine type :


Engine displacement  :

1.250 cm3

Engine power  :

55 PS/CV

Gearbox  :

Manual - 4 Speed

Fuel  :


Drivetrain  :


Exterior color  :


Color name or code  :

Interior color  :


Trim name or code  :

Interior upholstery :


Number of seats  :



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