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323 i
29.000 €

Introducing a 1979 BMW E21 323i, a true icon of automotive history and a testament to BMW's engineering excellence. This classic 2 door sedan combines sporty performance with timeless design, making it a sought-after gem for car enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Key Features:

  • Engine and Performance: At the heart of the E21 323i lies a spirited 2.3-liter inline-six engine, producing 143 horsepower. Paired with a four-speed manual transmission and rear wheel drive, this car delivers a driving experience that is both engaging and exhilarating.

  • Sporty Design: The E21 series introduced the world to the legendary BMW 3 Series. Its sleek lines, kidney grille, and balanced proportions make it a standout on the road, exuding a sense of elegance and sportiness.

  • Interior Craftsmanship: Step inside to find a well-preserved interior. The classic BMW dashboard layout and thoughtful ergonomics create a driver-centric environment.

  • Driving Dynamics: Known for its precise handling and responsive steering, the E21 323i offers an unparalleled driving experience. The rear-wheel-drive setup and well-tuned suspension provide excellent road feedback and cornering capabilities.

Condition and Maintenance:

  • Well-Maintained: This BMW E21 323i has been very well cared, with regular maintenance ensuring it remains in good running condition.

  • Original Parts: Many original parts have been preserved, maintaining the authenticity and value of the vehicle.

  • Good Condition: The car is in goo aesthetic and mechanical condition, ready for its next owner to enjoy.

Classic Car Appeal:

  • Investment Value: Classic BMWs have shown a consistent increase in value, making this not just a car, but a wise investment.

  • Historical Significance: As the first generation of the BMW 3 Series, the E21 set the standard for compact sports sedans and is revered as a milestone in automotive design and performance.

General Information

Year :


Mileage  :

196.500 km

Brand :


Model :


Version :

323 i

Engine type :


Engine displacement  :

2.315 cm3

Engine power  :

143 PS/CV

Gearbox  :

Manual - 4 Speed

Fuel  :


Drivetrain  :


Exterior color  :


Color name or code  :

Interior color  :


Trim name or code  :

Interior upholstery :


Number of seats  :



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