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17M Kombi

Step into the past with this captivating 1959 Taunus P2 17M Kombi, a vintage treasure waiting to be restored to its former glory or preserved in its current state. This rare gem offers a rare opportunity to own a piece of automotive history, complete with all the character and patina that comes with age.

With its charmingly weathered exterior and authentic period details, this Taunus P2 17M Kombi exudes an undeniable aura of nostalgia and authenticity. From its iconic front grille to its signature taillights, every inch of this vintage wagon tells a story of a bygone era, making it a standout among collectors and enthusiasts alike.

The heart and soul of this classic, was meticulously restored, maintained and finely tuned to deliver a smooth and reliable driving experience. This Taunus P2 17M Kombi is one of the few units produced with a factory fitted 4 speed gearbox, making it even better for long distances. 

Inside the cabin, you'll find yourself transported back in time to an era of simplicity and elegance. With its spacious interior and timeless design, this vintage wagon offers a comfortable and inviting space for passengers and cargo alike, making it the perfect companion for weekend adventures or leisurely drives.

Whether you're a seasoned collector or a first-time enthusiast, this 1959 Taunus P2 17M Kombi is sure to capture your imagination and ignite your passion for classic cars. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of automotive history and write the next chapter in this timeless tale of adventure and exploration.

General Information

Year :


Mileage  :

95.500 km

Brand :


Model :


Version :


Engine type :


Engine displacement  :

1.698 cm3

Engine power  :

60 PS/CV

Gearbox  :

Manual - 4 Speed

Fuel  :


Drivetrain  :


Exterior color  :


Color name or code  :

Anthrazit - Perlgrau

Interior color  :


Trim name or code  :

Interior upholstery :


Number of seats  :



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