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Aston Martin

DB9 Coupé

Very elegant 2005 Aston Martin DB9 Coupé, with 60,500 kilometres, with complete service history, in excellent condition.

The DB9 is a luxury 2+2 grand tourer, with a 6 litre V12 engine.

It was the first model to be manufactured at the new Aston Martin factory in Gaydon, Warwickshire, UK and was presented at the 'Frankfurt Auto Show' in 2003.

The DB9 project was started by Ian Callum, who had previously been responsible for designing the DB7, but would be finalised and introduced by Henrik Fisker.

According to Aston Martin, the end product of the DB9 was such a qualitative "jump" compared to the DB7 that officials thought it preferable to "skip" the DB8 designation, which would suggest only a small development over the DB7 and even possible confusion relatively to motorisation.

In the English program Top Gear, the DB9 was considered «too cool» to be compared with other «cool» cars tested in the series.

General Information

Year :


Mileage  :

60.500 km

Brand :

Aston Martin

Model :


Version :


Engine type :


Engine displacement  :

5.935 cm3

Engine power  :

456 PS/CV

Gearbox  :

Automatic - 6 Speed

Fuel  :


Drivetrain  :


Exterior color  :


Color name or code  :

Mariana Blue

Interior color  :


Trim name or code  :

Ivory / Aurora Blue

Interior upholstery :

Leather & Alcantara®

Number of seats  :


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